Ms. Isabelle

My name is Isabelle Lopez, but I usually go by Bella. I am currently “floater” here at SMCCC, meaning l go from class to class and assist the teachers with whatever they need. I have been assisting mainly in rooms 3, 4, and S. I have worked here for about a month now and l love it! This is my first professional job, but I’ve worked with kids for about five years. I have volunteered at Vacation Bible School with my parish and l have assisted in with second-grade religious education classes for 5 years. I have experience working with children with disabilities. l am currently a first-year student studying nursing at Madonna University. l am in the direct admit program and I really am enjoying myself. I am the youngest of 3 – I have an older brother who works at DTE and an older sister who is getting married next year. I am excited because I am her Maid of Honor. I also have a 4-month-old Bearded Collie named Gladys. She has been a fun addition to our family. Besides working and going to school, l love going to my favorite place – The Cupcake Station – with my friends. My favorite movie is Ferris Buelier’s Day Off and l love listening to old music, especially 70s music like ABBA

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